What is the difference between assigning an IIFE's public members to a variable vs returning an


I've been looking at a lot of JavaScript code lately and I've seen two different ways of using assigning "public" properties of IIFE's.

The first is to create a variable and assign that variable to a property inside of the IIFE like so:

var public1; (function(){ var foo= "Foo", bar= "Bar"; public1= { getFoo: function(){ return foo; } }; }());

The second way I see is returning an object from the IIFE like so:

var public2 = (function(){ var foo2= "Foo2", bar2= "Bar2"; return { getBar: function(){ return bar2; } }; }());

Is there a fundamental difference between these two ways or is it just a matter of preference? I've also created a fiddle so you can run or update the code if you'd like: <a href="http://jsfiddle.net/bittersweetryan/gnh79/4/" rel="nofollow">http://jsfiddle.net/bittersweetryan/gnh79/3/</a>


There is no difference.

But I'd argue that the second one is a bit easier to maintain. When you change the variable name in the first example, you have to change it in the function as well.


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