Detecting file size before sp_send_dbmail


We're using the following with a 10MB limit for attachments.

EXEC msdb..sp_send_dbmail @recipients = 'me@me.co.uk', @subject = 'foo bar', @file_attachments = 'C:\xxx\yyy\myFile.xlsx, @body_format = 'html', @body = 'norf';

Is it possible in the SQL Server scripts to check the size of myFile.xlsx before running this script?


I have a solution by using Batch Files:


@echo %~z1

Now you can get size of <your_file> by using that file:

DECLARE @t table(filesize int) INSERT INTO @t EXEC [xp_cmdshell] @command_string = 'C:\filesize.cmd <your_file>' SELECT TOP(1) * FROM @t


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