Jquery Slider Timer


I need to create a custom slider for a website using jquery. So far, I've managed to make it behave the way I want it if I click a button, but I would like to implement an automatic timer, so that the slides will switch after 5 seconds.

Here is my JS code:

function MasterSlider() { //store the current button ID var current_button = $(this).attr('id'); //reset all the items $('#slider ul a').removeClass('slider-button-active'); //set current item as active $(this).addClass('slider-button-active'); //scroll it to the right position $('.mask').scrollTo($(this).attr('rel'), 850); //Check which button is pressed and fade the text accordingly if(current_button == "slider_item1") { $('#slider h3').fadeOut().removeClass('caption_active'); $('#slider_caption1').fadeIn().addClass('caption_active'); } else if(current_button == "slider_item2") { $('#slider h3').fadeOut().removeClass('caption_active'); $('#slider_caption2').fadeIn().addClass('caption_active'); } else if(current_button == "slider_item3") { $('#slider h3').fadeOut().removeClass('caption_active'); $('#slider_caption3').fadeIn().addClass('caption_active'); } //disable click event return false; } //append click event to the UL list anchor tag $('#slider ul a').click(MasterSlider);

Thanks in advance!


You can dynamically trigger click() on your a elements in a setInterval !

var intv; var current = 0; // STARTING SLIDE(<li>element button) INDEX var slN = $('#slider li').length; // get number of slides(buttons.. all the same) // your function here with // clearInterval(intv); // in the second line. // In third line put: // current = $(this).closest('li').index(); // AUTO SLIDE function auto(){ intv = setInterval(function() { $('#slider ul li').eq( current++%slN ).find('a').click(); }, 5000 ); } auto(); // to start immediately auto-slide // PAUSE ON MOUSEOVER $('#slider').on('mouseenter mouseleave', function( e ){ var onMouEnt = e.type=='mouseenter' ? clearInterval(intv) : auto() ; }); <ul><li>Thanks to current++%slN the auto function will loop once the last button is triggered</li> <li>The PAUSE thing detects events mouseenter and mouseleave over your gallery and uses a ternary operator to do:</li> </ul>

$('#slider').on('mouseenter mouseleave', function( e ){ // catch eVENT var onMouEnt = e.type=='mouseenter' ? // if e IS mouseenter clearInterval(intv) : // clear autoslide interval auto() ; // else (is mouseleave) run 'auto' fn });


There is is a function setInterval

function hi(){ //Your code here } //set an interval setInterval(hi, 30000);


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