How to calculate the sum of an int array whose result exceeds Int32.Max value


For example we have an int array:

var array = new int[]{ 2147483647, 2147483647, 2147483647, 2147483647};

What is the easiest way to calculate the sum of the array entries, <strong>BUT in respect to the example provided above</strong>?


results in:


Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow


Because the result is not an int anymore..


Because the sum of the values in your array overflows the Int32.MaxValue you are forced to cast your elements to a long

var array = new int[]{ 2147483647, 2147483647, 2147483647, 2147483647}; var total = array.Sum(x => (long)x); Console.WriteLine(total);

And you can see that the total variable is of type Int64



Steve's answer fits your question perfectly. However, if you need to store the sum of values that are longer than the typical datatypes you could use BigInteger.

var array = new [] { long.MaxValue, long.MaxValue, long.MaxValue, long.MaxValue }; var result = new BigInteger(); result = array.Aggregate(result, (current, i) => current + i);

This solution would also work for your provided array.


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