MSVC - boost::python static linking to .dll (.pyd)


I got a VS10 project. I want to build some C++ code so I can use it in python. I followed the boost tutorial and got it working. However VS keeps to link boost-python-vc100-mt-gd-1_44.lib but it's just a wrapper which calls boost-python-vc100-mt-gd-1_44.dll. That's why I need to copy the .dll with my .dll(.pyd) file. So I want to link boost:python statically to that .dll(.pyd) file. But I just can't find any configuration option in VS or in the compiler and linker manual. The weirdest thing is I've got one older project using boost::filesystem with the very same config but that project links against libboost-filesystem-*.lib which is static lib so it's ok. I've been googling for couple of hours without any success and it drivers me crazy.

Thanks for any help or suggestion.


What libraries are linked depends on the settings of your project. There are two possibilities: You can build against

<ol><li>statically</li> <li>dynamically</li> </ol>

linked versions of the c-runtime libs. Depending on which option is selected, the boost sends a proper #pragma to the linker. These options need to be set consistently in all projects which constitute your program. So go to "properties -> c++ -> code generation" (or similar, I am just guessing, don't have VS up and running right now) and be sure that the right option is set (consistently). Of course, you must have compiled boost libraries in required format before...


You probably don't want to do that. Statically linked Boost python has a number of problems and quirks when there are more then one boost python based library imported. "But I only have one" you say. Can you guarantee that your users won't have another? That you might want to use another in the future? Stick with the DLL. Distributing another DLL is really not that big a deal. Just put it side-by-side in the same directory.


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