Codename One: Save Image to Storage and create small rounded preview


I have to problem with Images currently:

1) I can't save an Image to Storage because it is not supported to store it directly to the storage. I want users to be able to take a photo with the camera and then the created Photo has to be saved somewhere, so I can retrieve it later on again.

Could you tell me how a) To save an Image b) How to retrieve it

I found this Code piece made by Shai in Stackoverflow where another user asked how to save Images to Storage also.

InputStream stream = FileSystemStorage.getInstance().openInputStream(i); OutputStream out = Storage.getInstance().createOutputStream("MyImage"); Util.copy(stream, out); Util.cleanup(stream); Util.cleanup(out);

But I don't understand it. How can I get an "Image" Object out of this? And how exactly is the "Image" Object stored there? Could you give me a full example here? This is really essential for my app.


This question might be trivial, but I couldn't find an answer to it though. I want to rescale the taken camera picture and make a rounded mask around it. I tried this:

Image capturedImage = Image.createImage(Capture.capturePhoto()); int width = capturedImage.getWidth(); int hight = capturedImage.getHeight(); Image rounded = Image.createImage(width, capturedImage.getHeight(), 0xff000000); Graphics gr = rounded.getGraphics(); gr.setColor(0xffffff); gr.fillArc(0, 0, width, hight, 0, 360); Object mask = rounded.createMask(); Image ImagePreview = capturedImage.applyMask(mask);

But it did not work out, the ImagePreview wont even show up. This preview would be original-sized anyway, how would I resize it to a small preview for the user afterwards?

Thank you in advance.


I have tried the following to save the image:

Image capturedImage = Image.createImage(Capture.capturePhoto()); String imageFile = FileSystemStorage.getInstance().getAppHomePath() + "test.png"; try(OutputStream os = FileSystemStorage.getInstance().openOutputStream(imageFile)) { ImageIO.getImageIO().save(capturedImage, os, ImageIO.FORMAT_PNG, 1); } catch(IOException err) { Log.e(err); } songList.setImage(imageFile);

And to retrieve it later on I tried:

if(songList.getImage() != null){ try { Image img = Image.createImage(Storage.getInstance().createInputStream(songList.getImage())); Label test = new Label(); test.setIcon(img); listCont.add(test); } catch(Exception ex){ Dialog.show("Error", "Error during image loading: " + ex, "OK", null); } }

But I am getting an error that he can't find the file. (Device Simulator). Am I doing something wrong?


Here is a complete working example of storing and loading an image for anyone who also had trouble:

Saving Image:

String filePath = Capture.capturePhoto(); if (filePath != null) { try { String pathToBeStored = FileSystemStorage.getInstance().getAppHomePath() + System.currentTimeMillis() + ".jpg"); Image img = Image.createImage(filePath); OutputStream os = FileSystemStorage.getInstance().openOutputStream(pathToBeStored ); ImageIO.getImageIO().save(img, os, ImageIO.FORMAT_JPEG, 0.9f); os.close(); } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } }

Loading Image:

if(pathToImage != null){ try { Image img = Image.createImage(FileSystemStorage.getInstance().openInputStream(pathToImage)); } catch(Exception ex){ Dialog.show("Error", "Error during image loading: " + ex, "OK", null); } }



Image img = Image.createImage(Storgage.getInstance().createInputStream("ImageName"));

The image preview is an image not a component so you won't see anything unless you place an image within a component of some sort to show it.


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