Chef recipe to clone several git repos to separate folders


I need to clone several git repositories into separate folders (i.e /var/www/repo_name). It seems to me, I can do that with:

<pre class="lang-rb prettyprint-override">git node['git_folder'] do repository node['git_repository'] reference "master" action :sync user "username" end

But how can I give several attributes to one recipe in the role?. Can I somehow use data bags for my needs? Is there any different way?


Here is how you would accomplish it using data bags:

Assuming you have the following data bag structure:

data_bags git_repos repo_1.json repo_2.json

Assuming you have the following data bag item structure:

{ "id": "repo_1", "destination": "/var/www/repo_1", "url": "https://repo.to/clone.git, "revision": "master", "user": "username", "action": "sync" }

The attributes id, destination, and url are required. If revision, user, or action are omitted, default values will be used in the recipe:

<pre class="lang-rb prettyprint-override">data_bag('git_repos').each do |name| repo = data_bag_item('git_repos', name) git repo['destination'] do repository repo['url'] reference repo['revision'] || 'master' user repo['user'] || 'username' action repo['action'] ? repo['action'].to_sym : :sync end end

As you can see, you <em>could</em> use data bags in this instance, but it's unclear to me why you would want to do so. In my opinion, this approach is far less intutive and much more difficult to reason about during debugging.


A recipe contains resource declarations, so just declare multiple resources:

git "/var/www/repo1" do repository https://github.com/myname/repo1.git action :checkout end git "/var/www/repo2" do repository https://github.com/myname/repo2.git action :checkout end git "/var/www/repo3" do repository https://github.com/myname/repo3.git action :checkout end

Some people favour a loop in ruby, I'm reluctant unless the cookbook is being driven (from a databag?). I like clear statements of intent in my chef recipes.


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