How to reference instance of factory created class in Typescript? Cannot find name error


Typescript is failing to reference factory created class. Here's an example code:

// factory.ts export const createClass = () => class Model { // ... } // ModelA.ts import {createClass} from './factory'; export const ModelA = createClass(); let a: ModelA; // Cannot find name 'ModelA'; // other.ts import {ModelA} from './ModelA'; new ModelA() // Cannot find name 'ModelA';

What am I doing wrong here?


If you are trying to get the insurance type for the class generated by the function then you can use the InstanceType conditional type.

export const createClass = () => class Model { // ... } export const ModelA = createClass(); type ModelA = InstanceType<typeof ModelA> let a: ModelA = new ModelA(); // ok


Try this in ModelA.ts

export const ModelA = createClass(); export type ModelA = typeof ModelA;

Edit (credits for Joon), for future readers

The solution above apparently doesn't work as you're unable to

const foo: ModelA = new ModelA() //Type 'Model' is not assignable to type 'typeof Model'. Property 'prototype' is missing in type 'Model'.

One proposed in comment works

export type ModelA = typeof ModelA['prototype'];

(not sure why though).


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