xtext: expression/factor/term grammar


This has got to be one of those well-known examples that's somewhere on the internet, but I can't seem to find it.

I'm trying to learn XText and I figured a calculator expression parser would be a good start. But I'm getting syntax errors in my grammar:

Expression: Term (('+'|'-') Term)*; Term: Factor (('*'|'/') Factor)*; Factor: number=Number | variable=ID | ('(' expression=Expression ')');

I get this error in the Expression and Term lines:

Multiple markers at this line - Cannot change type twice within a rule - An unassigned rule call is not allowed, when the 'current' was already created.

What gives? How can I fix this? And when do I have instanceName=Rule vs. Rule entries in a grammar?


I downloaded xtext integrated with eclipse and it comes with a calculator example which does approximately what you wish called arithmetics. From what I can gather you will need to assign an associativity to your tokens. This grammar runs fine for me:

Expression: Term (({Plus.left=current}'+'|{Minus.left=current}'-') right=Term)*; Term: Factor (({Multiply.left=current} '*'| {Division.left=current}'/') right=Factor)*; Factor: number=NUMBER | variable=ID | ('(' expression=Expression ')');

The example grammar they have for arithmetics can be viewed <a href="http://git.eclipse.org/c/tmf/org.eclipse.xtext.git/plain/examples/org.eclipse.xtext.xtext.ui.examples/contents/org.eclipse.xtext.example.arithmetics/src/org/eclipse/xtext/example/arithmetics/Arithmetics.xtext" rel="nofollow">here</a>. It includes a bit more than your, like function calls, but the basics are the same.


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