How to cast a variable member to pass it as reference argument of a function


When I try to compile some code very similar to this one with VC++2015 I get a:

<strong>C2664 cannot convert parameter number 1 from 'unsigned int' to 'short &'</strong>

class Foo { public: unsigned int A; unsigned int B; } void foo(short& a) { a++; } void main() { Foo f; foo(f.A); }

What is the correct way to cast it?


It is not possible to do this with a cast because unsigned int cannot be aliased as short. To call this foo without changing it, the code would be:

if ( f.A > SHRT_MAX ) throw std::runtime_error("existing value out of range for short"); short sh = f.A; foo(sh); f.A = sh;

You may want to check sh >= 0 before reassigning it to f.A; and foo should guard against integer overflow.


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