Paste Unlinked Excel Chart to Powerpoint


I'm currently working on a project transferring 50+ groups of Excel Charts to a powerpoint presentation. I have 50+ items that I'm comparing and making 50+ identical charts. The way that I have it set up in my excel workbook is that the chart is always the same chart (ie Chart 2), but by changing a unique ID number, my chart will source from a different area of the worksheet.

In the usual case, I would just copy and paste the chart as a picture.

However, in my case, I also need to get rid of all data labels <10%. I have found a code to do delete <10% datalabels in Powerpoint, but not excel. In order to execute this code, I have to keep the object in "chart" format. Unfortunately, because of how I have set up my charts to be the same chart that can source different data, whenever I change a unique ID number to copy a new chart, my previous charts already copied into Powerpoint "update" themselves and look like the information is sourced from the latest item.

My options right now are 1) Copying and Pasting each item one at a time, running my Data label code on Powerpoint, and then converting everything in that slide into a Picture. This is tedious. 2) Figuring out how to edit Data labels within Excel, and then copying and pasting as an image 3) MOST IDEAL: copy and paste an unlinked chart from Excel to PPT. This allows me to run my Powerpoint <10% formatting code, but the unlinking also allows me to change my excel sheet without messing up my current charts.

Does anyone have a clue on how to copy and paste an unlinked chart from Excel to PPT that is NOT a Picture?


Here goes possible solution for you:

Sub Breaking_links() Dim CHR As Shape Set CHR = ActivePresentation.Slides(1).Shapes(3) 'for 3rd chart shape on 1st slide CHR.Chart.ChartData.BreakLink End Sub

Short explanation- after you copy a chart into PP you need to break link to data source which present above example.

Moreover, I think you could modify your axis in Excel as easy as you do in PP. If you found that option better please show us your code for PP which would be helpful to provide you some tips for Excel.


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