File controller.php looks like:?phpinclude("common.php");include("user.php");$user = new user();?>File user.p" name="description" /> File controller.php looks like:?phpinclude("common.php");include("user.php");$user = new user();?>File user.p" />

“Use of undefined constant” notice, but the constant should be defined


there are three files: common.php, controller.php and user.php.

File common.php looks like:

<?php define("MAXIMUM_NAME_LENGTH", 50); ?>

File controller.php looks like:

<?php include("common.php"); include("user.php"); $user = new user(); ?>

File user.php looks like:

<?php class user{ private $var = MAXIMUM_NAME_LENGTH; } ?>

When executing script there is given notice: Notice: Use of undefined constant MAXIMUM_NAME_LENGTH - assumed 'MAXIMUM_NAME_LENGTH' in /.../controller.php on line xxx. I want to share defined values in common.php between other files. How to do it in a proper way?


Generally you would have all defines included by the file that is going to use them. IE: In your example, make the class file have a $class->setMaxNameLength(); method and pass the name length define in through there, that way it won't throw you an error.


Place error_reporting(E_ALL); the line before include("common.php");.

Most probably you'll see something like:

Warning: include(common.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in xxx

indicating that your three files are not in the same folder together, or together in a path that is not in your include_path, or a combination of that.


If you are using <a href="" rel="nofollow">Suhosin</a>, check your suhosin.executor.include.* settings.


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