Pushing item into a multi-dimensional tree like structure in JavaScript


I have an array of objects which goes on something like this

var obj = [{ id: 23, name: 'Test1', children: [{ id: 24, name: 'Test2, children: [..] },{ id: 25, name: 'Test2, children: [..] }], },{..}]

Each children can have multiple sub children, so basically I am trying to represent a graph like structure, similar to the output of <a href="https://github.com/tautologistics/node-htmlparser" rel="nofollow">htmlparser</a>.

I need a function like this:

function(nodeId, json){}

The function will need to find the json object in the tree by using the nodeId and insert the json as a children of that parent object. Thats where I am stuck.

I tried writing a recursive function like this to search the appropriate node, however, the trouble arises when I have to insert the json into the actual obj array.

function findNode(nodeId, json, obj){ if(obj.id == nodeId){ obj.children.push(json); } else{ for(var i=0; i<obj.children.length; i++){ findNode(nodeId, json, obj.children[i]); } } }

It seems the json gets inserted to the obj local to the recursive function, not the actual root obj. How can I can insert it to the parent obj?


First of all, looking at your structure of an object, it looks like structure of your root object is wrong. Root object cannot be an Array of the objects that you intend to have. To take advantage of recursion, you should have structure which is similar on all levels.

You function implementation is almost correct.

I just hope you are not passing JSON string as the json parameter; if you are, you have to parse it and make a JS object by using JSON.parse(json)

Here is updated implementation:

var obj = { id: 23, name: 'Test1', children: [{ id: 24, name: 'Test2', children: [] },{ id: 25, name: 'Test2', children: [] }], }; var objToBePushed = { id: 26, name: 'Test3', children: [{ id: 27, name: 'Test4', children: [] }] }; function findNode(nodeId, json, node){ if(node.id == nodeId){ node.children.push(json); } else{ for(var i=0; i<node.children.length; i++){ findNode(nodeId, json, node.children[i]); } } } findNode(24, objToBePushed, obj); console.log(obj);

Working JSFiddle: <a href="http://jsfiddle.net/ef3ewoag/2/" rel="nofollow">http://jsfiddle.net/ef3ewoag/2/</a>


you have to return the object

check this:

<a href="http://jsfiddle.net/rf7ysasy/" rel="nofollow">http://jsfiddle.net/rf7ysasy/</a>

var obj = [{ id: 23, name: 'Test1', children: [{ id: 24, name: 'Test2', children: [] },{ id: 25, name: 'Test2', children: [] }], }]; var findNode = function(nodeId, json, o){ if(o.id == nodeId){ o.children.push(json); } else{ if(o.children){ for(var i=0; i<o.children.length; i++){ o.children[i] = findNode(nodeId, json, o.children[i]); } } } return o; }; obj = findNode(24,{ id: 26, name: 'Test2', children: [] }, obj); console.log (obj);


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