Ambiguous Name Resolution (anr=*ma*) equivalent in .NET 3.5 DirectoryServices.AccountManagement


Out with the old and in with the new(er). I am shelving an old vb.net asp.net 2.0 "asmx" service in favor of a shiny new c#.net asp.net 4.0 WCF service.

My old service used System.DirectoryServices.DirectorySearcher with an anr= filter to good effect and allowed for a Google style search for user objects from a <em>single</em> input field.

I would really like to take advantage of 3.5's System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement but have only been able to find variations of Microsoft's "Query by Example":

UserPrincipal u = new UserPrincipal(ctx); u.GivenName = "Jim"; u.Surname = "Daly"; PrincipalSearcher ps = new PrincipalSearcher(); ps.QueryFilter = u; PrincipalSearchResult<Principal> results = ps.FindAll();

My question is, do I have to dust off my DirectorySearcher code for anr type searches or am I missing some obvious ambiguous search capabilities in the AccountManagement namespace?

Many Thanks.



You might be able to write your own implementation of UserPrincipal that exposes a custom property:

[DirectoryObjectClass("user")] [DirectoryRdnPrefix("CN")] public class CustomUserPrincipal : UserPrincipal { public CustomUserPrincipal ( PrincipalContext context ) : base ( context ) { } [DirectoryProperty("anr")] public string Anr { get { return (string)ExtensionGet ( "anr" )[0]; } set { ExtensionSet ( "anr", value ); } } }


var u = new CustomUserPrincipal(ctx) { Anr = "*mr*" }; var ps = new PrincipalSearcher() { QueryFilter = u }; var results = ps.FindAll();


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