Communicate between a linux device and Perl scripts


I have a written Linux device (implement as a interface) and a perl script, I need those two to communicate among them while executing(perl to device). I have thought of writing to a file and reading from it. but i think it is not an ideal one. can any one point me to more good solution.


In addition to the methods Joachim mentioned also look into creating a character or block device so you can access it through /dev/somenode. That's probably the preferred way if your driver is really offering a service or an interface to a device.

Alternatively, and better than an ioctl() interface, you can use netlink sockets. They're actually even easier to implement than ioctl()s, and are more likely to be accepted upstream.


There are two ways of doing this: Either have one or more files in e.g. /proc that is written to or read from.

The second is to use special <a href="http://linux.die.net/man/2/ioctl" rel="nofollow">ioctl</a> commands on the device file.


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