Websocket java client Spring + Stomp: Transport error: ConnectionLostException


I'm trying to create an standalone Java app as a websocket client using for this Spring with Stomp and Sockjs, taking in consideration the spring specifications and the spring-portafolio examples and I'm getting this error:

15:18:01.342 [main] DEBUG com.example.client.WebSocketClientTest - Connecting to : ws://localhost:8080/socket/hello 15:18:01.541 [WebSocketClient-AsyncIO-1] ERROR com.example.client.MyStompSessionHandler - Transport error org.springframework.messaging.simp.stomp.ConnectionLostException: Connection closed at org.springframework.messaging.simp.stomp.DefaultStompSession.afterConnectionClosed(DefaultStompSession.java:483) [spring-messaging-4.3.2.RELEASE.jar:4.3.2.RELEASE] at org.springframework.web.socket.messaging.WebSocketStompClient$WebSocketTcpConnectionHandlerAdapter.afterConnectionClosed(WebSocketStompClient.java:354) [spring-websocket-4.3.2.RELEASE.jar:4.3.2.RELEASE] at org.springframework.web.socket.sockjs.client.AbstractClientSockJsSession.afterTransportClosed(AbstractClientSockJsSession.java:321) [spring-websocket-4.3.2.RELEASE.jar:4.3.2.RELEASE] at org.springframework.web.socket.sockjs.client.WebSocketTransport$ClientSockJsWebSocketHandler.afterConnectionClosed(WebSocketTransport.java:172) [spring-websocket-4.3.2.RELEASE.jar:4.3.2.RELEASE] at org.springframework.web.socket.adapter.standard.StandardWebSocketHandlerAdapter.onClose(StandardWebSocketHandlerAdapter.java:141) [spring-websocket-4.3.2.RELEASE.jar:4.3.2.RELEASE]...

My code in the java client side is:

StandardWebSocketClient webSocketClient = new StandardWebSocketClient(); List<Transport> transports = new ArrayList<>(); transports.add(new WebSocketTransport(webSocketClient)); SockJsClient sockJsClient = new SockJsClient(transports); ThreadPoolTaskScheduler taskScheduler = new ThreadPoolTaskScheduler(); taskScheduler.afterPropertiesSet(); String stompUrl = "ws://localhost:8080/socket/hello"; WebSocketStompClient stompClient = new WebSocketStompClient(sockJsClient); stompClient.setMessageConverter(new StringMessageConverter()); stompClient.setTaskScheduler(taskScheduler); stompClient.setDefaultHeartbeat(new long[] {0, 0}); StompSessionHandler sessionHandler = new MyStompSessionHandler(); stompClient.connect(stompUrl, sessionHandler); stompClient.setTaskScheduler(taskScheduler);

And the server side was made using Spring MVC with Stomp and SockJs, the server works perfectly with a javascript client, this is the config that I used:

public void configureMessageBroker(MessageBrokerRegistry config) { config.enableSimpleBroker("/topic"); config.setApplicationDestinationPrefixes("/app"); } public void registerStompEndpoints(StompEndpointRegistry registry) { registry.addEndpoint("/hello") .setHandshakeHandler(new DefaultHandshakeHandler(new TomcatRequestUpgradeStrategy())) .withSockJS(); }

What am I doing wrong? Can anyone give me an idea of how to fix it or how to create a Java client to connect with an spring websocket server?

Thanks in advance..


I had the same problem. Cause was recieving too big message which default STOMP Spring/Tomcat WS client cannot handle because <em>it is not capable of partial messaging</em>. <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/a/36457020/5148407" rel="nofollow">This StackOverflow answer</a> worked for me (I have set MAX_TEXT_MESSAGE_BUFFER_SIZE=20*1024*1024):

WebSocketContainer container = ContainerProvider.getWebSocketContainer(); container.setDefaultMaxTextMessageBufferSize(MAX_TEXT_MESSAGE_BUFFER_SIZE); WebSocketClient wsClient = new StandardWebSocketClient(container);

Setting inboundMessageSizeLimit had no effect:

WebSocketStompClient stompClient = new WebSocketStompClient(sockJsClient); stompClient.setInboundMessageSizeLimit(Integer.MAX_VALUE);


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