Schematic input does not validate against the Schema: {“name”:“testng7”} on Angular 7


I updated the Angular CLI to the latest @angular/cli@7.0.2 on a Mac OS. When issuing the command ng new testng7, I get this error:

Schematic input does not validate against the Schema: {"name":"testng7"} Errors: Data path "" should have required property 'version'.

And nothing is created. Any clues how to fix?


First, to upgrade, I did this:

npm i -g @angular/cli npm i @angular/cli

to install globally and locally. Running an npm audit fix revealed there is a problem with a missing package.json in the npm logs - missing from my root directory! So I created one with the following command in my home directory:

npm init --yes

for a default one. Now issuing an ng new projName works.


Try the


ng new projectName


cmd in powershell with admin rights. I did it once and after that it works in normal cmd promt too.


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