ExpressJS / NodeJS Redirect Image


Is it okay for an img to have src value with redirect to another page?

In view, I have img:

<img src='/images/fileName'/>

In app.js

app.get('/images/:fileName', subject.image);

This is my route:

exports.image = function(req, res){ var fileName = req.fileName; fs.exists(fileName, function(exists){ if (exists) { res.sendfile(imagePath); }else{ res.redirect('http://gravatar.com/avatar/_some_hash'); } }); }

My code works, but is it okay to use res.redirect if image does not exist?



Yes, it's ok to redirect. In the end its just a GET to the HTTP server and the browser will follow the redirect.

As mentioned in this question: (<a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3778347/is-it-ok-to-http-redirect-images" rel="nofollow">Is it OK to HTTP redirect images?</a>) you might not want do to that for lots of images.


Also You may set default image:

<img src="/images/fileName" onerror="this.src='/images/default.png'" />


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