Get great grand parent folder path (three levels up) in PowerShell?


Is there an elegant way to get the (great-grandparent folder) three levels up from a folder path?

I'm only looking to get C:\folderA\folderB from the full path, but both solutions just seem ugly to me.

$path = "C:\folderA\folderB\folderC\FolderD\folderE" # option 1 (Get-Item $path).parent.parent.parent.FullName # option 2 $path | Split-Path -Parent | Split-Path -Parent | Split-Path -Parent


Try this (works only if the path exists):

(Get-Item "$path\..\..\..").FullName

Alternatively, if the path does not exist:


You could also use this generic option for n levels:

[System.IO.Path]::GetFullPath($path + "\.." * $n)


I guess you could use a wrapper function... not exactly ideal but a little fun:

function Split-PathLots { [CmdletBinding()] Param ( [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)] [ValidateNotNullOrEmpty()] [string] $Path , [int] $NumberOfTimes = 1 ) Process { $PathToReturn = $Path Write-Verbose "Input = $Path" [int]$i = 1 while ($i -le $NumberOfTimes) { $PathToReturn = $PathToReturn | Split-Path -Parent Write-Verbose "($i/$NumberOfTimes) $PathToReturn" $i++ } return $PathToReturn } } $path = "C:\folderA\folderB\folderC\FolderD\folderE" Write-Output (Split-PathLots -Path $path -NumberOfTimes 3 -Verbose)


VERBOSE: Input = C:\folderA\folderB\folderC\FolderD\folderE VERBOSE: (1/3) C:\folderA\folderB\folderC\FolderD VERBOSE: (2/3) C:\folderA\folderB\folderC VERBOSE: (3/3) C:\folderA\folderB C:\folderA\folderB


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