Global functions in razor view engine


I want to have a global method like w in my razor view engine for localization my MVC application. I tried

@functions{ public string w(string message) { return VCBox.Helpers.Localization.w(message); } }

but I should have this in my every razor pages and I don't want that. <strong>I want to know how can I have a global function that can be used in every pages of my project?</strong>


How about an extension method:

namespace System { public static class Extensions { public static string w(this string message) { return VCBox.Helpers.Localization.w(message); } } }

Called like so:



string mymessage = "mymessage"; mymessage.w();




You can extend the HtmlHelper:


public static class HtmlHelperExtensions { public static MvcHtmlString W(this HtmlHelper htmlHelper, string message) { return VCBox.Helpers.Localization.w(message); } }




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