Check if column 1 value appeared previously in dataset with a different column 2 value


I have my dataset such that

df <- data.frame(ID = c("m1","m2","m3","m4","m5","m6","m2","m3","m5","m6","m1","m4","m5"), Year = c(1,1,1,1,1,1,2,2,2,2,3,3,3))

and want to perform a check whether the ID appears in the previous year. Now I have a code that seems to work

df$Check <- apply(df, 1, function(x) x["ID"] %in% df[df$Year == (as.numeric(x["Year"]) - 1), "ID"])

but given that my dataset is 3million rows long this function takes far too long to run. Is there a better alternative to this??



library(dplyr) dfs <- split(df$ID, df$Year); df$check <- unlist(mapply(`%in%`, dfs, lag(dfs)))


You may use ave: for each ID, calculate the difference between current Year and preceeding Year (diff). Pad with a leading zero. Check if the result is 1 to create a logical vector:

df$check2 <- with(df, ave(Year, ID, FUN = function(x) c(0, diff(x))) == 1) # ID Year check check2 # 1 m1 1 FALSE FALSE # 2 m2 1 FALSE FALSE # 3 m3 1 FALSE FALSE # 4 m4 1 FALSE FALSE # 5 m5 1 FALSE FALSE # 6 m6 1 FALSE FALSE # 7 m2 2 TRUE TRUE # 8 m3 2 TRUE TRUE # 9 m5 2 TRUE TRUE # 10 m6 2 TRUE TRUE # 11 m1 3 FALSE FALSE # 12 m4 3 FALSE FALSE # 13 m5 3 TRUE TRUE

Similar with data.table:

For each ID (by = ID), create the new variable check2: check if the difference between current Year and preceeding Year in the data is 1 ((diff(year) == 1), i.e. if the preceeding year is the <em>previous</em> year.

library(data.table) setDT(df)[ , Check2 := c(FALSE, diff(Year) == 1), by = ID] <hr />

Edit following comment by OP. In case of "<em>multiple entries of the same ID in the same year</em>", you perform the calulation on data where duplicated rows are removed (unique). Then join the result to the original data.

df2 <- unique(df) df2[ , Check2 := c(FALSE, diff(Year) == 1), by = ID] df[df2, on = c("ID", "Year")]


k = length(unique(df$Year)) # how many years in the data q = unique(df$Year) # which are the years present func <- function(x){ kk = df$ID[df$Year == q[x]] # get the current year's ID which are present kk %in% df$ID[df$Year == q[x-1]] # compare that to the previous year's ID } x <- sum(df$Year==unique(df$Year)[1]) #to know how many FALSE to be added initially df$check <- c(rep(FALSE, x),unlist(lapply(2:k, func)))


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