How to get the array of sheet ids in a folder with python


When I try to get the id array from the get.folder() call (by using folder = folder.sheets.id), I get the answer: "AttributeError: 'TypedList' object has no attribute 'id'" I'm not sure what function to call in python to get the array of sheet ids in the folder.

I am trying to do this with the python smartsheet sdk, but I am not sure exactly how to format it.

inc_list = ['all'] # you can add other parameters here, separated by a comma response = ss_client.Folders.copy_folder( folderID, # folder_id ss_client.models.ContainerDestination({ 'destination_id': destinationID, 'destination_type': 'folder', 'new_name': cellValue }), include=inc_list ) copiedFolderID = response.result.id folder = ss_client.Folders.get_folder( copiedFolderID) # folder_id newFolder = folder.sheets.id print (newFolder)

Also thanks for helping answer my questions, I really appreciate it.


folder.sheets is an array. The reason you're getting an error is because there is no id attribute at the array level - you need to look at the individual elements inside the array.

Take a look at the <a href="https://smartsheet-platform.github.io/api-docs/#get-folder" rel="nofollow">API docs</a> to get an example of what you'd receive.

sheet_ids = [] for sheet in folder.sheets sheet_ids.append(sheet.id) print(sheet_ids)


To get a list of the sheetIds for sheets in a folder, your Python would look something like this.

my_folder = ss_client.Folders.get_folder(folder_id) for sheet in my_folder.sheets: print(sheet.id)


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