Run php file via command line on an ubuntu linux server


I am trying to run a php file on a ubuntu linux server but get a 'command not found' error when i run "php file_name.php"

Searching online, i found an article that suggested I run "sudo aptitude install php5-cli" which I did and restarted apache afterwards but I still get this error.

How do I fix this?


Try this once,

Go to terminal.

whereis php

It will show where is php installed.

Export that path to environment variable using following command

export PATH=$PATH;/path/to/php's/bin directory

Then execute required file..

As follows,

php file_to_execute.php


first make sure that you've installed following packs:

<ul><li>php5</li> <li>php5-cli</li> <li>php-pear</li> </ul>

like this:

sudo apt-get install php5 php5-cli php-pear

then make sure to configure php safely befor using it.

also make your php file executable ( chmod 700 )


<ul><li>Try the following step :</li> <li>Open your cmd/console or press ctr+alt+t.</li> <li>php5 /your/path/to/php_file_name.</li> </ul>


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