YUI Button initiates Postback Twice


I'm using ASP.NET 2.0 under VS 2005.

Page_Load is getting called twice for my .aspx pages. AutoEventWireup is set to true, but even if I set it to false and manually add the EventHandler, it still gets fired twice.

// also set AutoEventWireup to false public _Default() { this.Load += new EventHander(this.Page_Load); } // oops -- fired twice

In the Default.aspx page, after the user enters their username & password, I do a redirect to another page, but it seems to redirect back to the Default.aspx page.

I don't have any <img> tags without a src. The tags that have a RunAt="server" attribute are <asp:PlaceHolder>.

For everything else, I use YUI CSS and JavaScript. I don't have any <ASP:> controls.

What am I missing?


I'm using the Button widget from the YUI library. If you specify "submit" in both Javascript and in the HTML code for a button, then when you submit, that JavaScript event gets generated twice.

This was a pain to figure out: I started commenting out bits and pieces of JavaScript and CSS (especially the includes), until the event fired only once.


A redirect is a postback in ASP.NET. If you trigger an event(enter user name and click, 1 postback), redirect to the same page(2nd postback). Am I understanding you correctly?


Are you by any chance using this.PreviousPage in the redirected Page ?


So I'm using the YUI framework. And I'm using the Button widget. If you specify "submit" in both Javascript and in the HTML code for a button, then when you submit, that Javascript event gets generated twice. Just remove one of the submits.

This was a pain to figure out: just start commenting out bits and pieces of Javascript and CSS (especially the includes), until the event fires only once. That way you can see what is causing the Page_Load to get fired twice.


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