How to Change Font Color based on Conditional?


When a User checks off :good in the <strong>_form</strong>

<%= f.text_field :result_value %> <%= f.date_select :date_value %> <%= f.check_box :good %>

how can we render the font color in the index of that result (:result_value & :date_value) to green?

result.good below pulls up true or false in the index. I'll take that out once we represent true or false with colors: true = green, false = red (default color).

<% averaged.results.each do |result| %> <li> <%= result.result_value %> <%= result.date_value.strftime("%b %Y") %> <%= result.good %> </li> <% end %>


class Result < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :user belongs_to :quantified has_many :comments, as: :commentable default_scope { order('date_value DESC') } scope :good, -> { where(good: true) } scope :good_count, -> { good.count } end

Thank you so much for your help.


You could add a class to the LI based on the output?

<% if result.good == true %> <li class="green"> <% else %> <li> <% end %>

Then in your css just set a colour for that class?

.green { color: green; }


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