Find lines starting with one specific character and ending with another one


I need to find a line in a file that starts with an <strong>a</strong> and the last word in the line ends with an <strong>e</strong>.

How can I do it with a tool like grep?


Just say this:

grep '^a.*e$' file

This means: look for those lines starting (^) with a, then 0 or more characters and finally and e at the end of the line ($).

<h3>Test</h3> $ cat a hello and thisfinishes with e foo $ grep '^a.*e$' a and thisfinishes with e


Simple answer : use grep.

grep -E "^a.*e$" filename

the ^ indicates the beggining of the line the $ marks the end of the line the .* means any character (the .) repeated from zero to any number of times (the *). Many topics have already answered this questions, like <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4800214/grep-for-beginning-and-end-of-line" rel="nofollow">this one</a>. If you want to know more of searching, you could look more in depth into <a href="https://www.gnu.org/software/findutils/manual/html_node/find_html/grep-regular-expression-syntax.html" rel="nofollow">REGEX</a>.


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