Webpack file-loader duplicate public path


I'm using url-loader and file-loader to package up my sass files, but having an issue with image urls.

I've tried using resolve.alias to alias my images directory in the root of the application so I can use url(~images/myimage.png) in my sass files - this works fine with the url-loader, but if the images are picked up by file-loader they are output with a duplicate public path, i.e. dist/dist/[hash].png - this is the case whether I use ~ or a relative path. It works if I use an absolute path to my images, but then breaks if my app is mounted under a sub-directory.

Directory structure:

- images/ - js/ - styles/ - webpack.config.js

Webpack config:

module.exports = { entry: { app: './js/bootstrap' }, output: { filename: 'bundle.js', path: 'dist', publicPath: 'dist/' }, module: { loaders: [ { test: /\.scss$/, loader: ExtractPlugin.extract('style', 'css!sass') }, { test: /\.(gif|png|svg|jpe?g)$/i, loader: 'url', query: { limit: 1000 } } ] }, resolve: { // add alias for application code directory alias:{ js: path.resolve(__dirname, 'js'), styles: path.resolve(__dirname, 'styles'), images: path.resolve(__dirname, 'images') }, extensions: ['', '.js', '.scss', '.png', '.svg', '.jpg', '.jpeg', '.gif'] } };

Sass file:

.some-class{ background: url('~images/myimage.png') // url-loader works, file-loader doesn't background: url('../../../images/myimage.png') // url-loader works, file-loader doesn't background: url('/images/myimage.png') // both loaders work until app mounted under a sub-directory }

Hopefully I'm just missing something stupid!


I found a fix, overriding publicPath in the ExtractPlugin was what did it:

ExtractPlugin.extract('style', 'css!sass', { publicPath: './' })


Use publicPath, starting with /, i.e. /dist/ instead of dist/.

Otherwise, paths to your assets will be interpreted as relative and if one sass document, say, dist/daddy.scss imports another one from e.g. dist/child.scss, the path to child will be interpreted as relative to daddy's url "folder", which is dist, so browser will look for dist/dist/child.scss.


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