endl doesn't work with wstring (unicode)


Here is the code:

std::ofstream f("file1.txt"); f<<"123"<<std::endl<<"456"; //(*1) /*std::stringstream ordinary_strstream; This works too ordinary_strstream<<"123"<<'\n'<<"456"; f<<ordinary_strstream.str();*/ std::wstringstream s; s<<L"123"<<std::endl<<L"456"; //(*2) s<<L"123"<<L"\n"<<L"456"; //(*3) s<<"123"<<WCHAR(13)<<WCHAR(10)<<"456";//(*4) HANDLE h =CreateFileW(L"file2.txt", GENERIC_WRITE, FILE_SHARE_READ | FILE_SHARE_WRITE, NULL, CREATE_ALWAYS, FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL, NULL); ULONG l; WriteFile(h, s.str().c_str(), s.str().length() * 2, &l, NULL);

In the (*1) case there is a newline, in the (*2) and (*3) i see no newline in the file2.txt. In the (*3) there is a newline. I use notepad.exe for browsing. Hex editor shows no 0x0D byte, only 0x0A.

How should i properly put the newline in unicode text file? Thank you.


That's expected: std::endl writes a L'\n' to a wide-char stream (and flushes it, but it's not relevant here), never L"\r\n". It's even more obvious when writing a literal L"\n". WriteFile doesn't perform any kind of newline substitution, neither does wstringstream (note that file streams <strong>do</strong> perform newline substitution when opened in text mode, and that's why you get a proper newline in (*1)). Therefore, in the file there will be no carriage return characters. If you want them, write them explicitely.


Stringstreams don't do line-ending conversion. std::endl is exactly the same as \n (char or wchar, depending on context).

CreateFile doesn't do line-ending conversion; it's strictly binary.

So when you create a string with a stringstream and write it to a file with CreateFile, an endl will just be a newline (0x0A) character.

Notepad doesn't cope well with files whose line endings are just newlines instead of CR+LF.


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