How to use GTMAppAuth in Swift


I do not know how to code in Objective-C and have to get an app working with the G Suite SDK so that I can get information about members of the groups. The problem is that <a href="https://developers.googleblog.com/2016/08/modernizing-oauth-interactions-in-native-apps.html" rel="nofollow">in September Google changed</a> how auth requests work, <a href="https://developers.google.com/admin-sdk/directory/v1/quickstart/ios?ver=swift" rel="nofollow">so this tutorial</a> no longer works. I know I need to switch over to using <a href="https://github.com/google/GTMAppAuth" rel="nofollow">GTMAppAuth</a>, but it's all Objective-C.


I am currently working on YouTube Data API and trying to implement functions in Swift. The following is what I did:

<ol><li>Install GTMAppAuth using Cocoapods.</li> <li>Add bridging header and import necessary headers.</li> <li>The above 2 steps didn't result in a successful compilation, since xcode can't find the headers. I manually add header search path in build settings.</li> </ol>

After doing these steps, I can access those Objective-C class & methods from Swift classes.

For the "how to use GTMAppAuth" part, I found an example here (though I haven't test it) <a href="https://github.com/Alder85/AppAuthSwift" rel="nofollow">https://github.com/Alder85/AppAuthSwift</a>

Maybe you can also find some hints here.

(Sorry for that this is just my experience and may not be a complete answer. I am new here in the stackoverflow and have too little reputations to post a comment.)


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