net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE when post with ajax


Hello im trying to upload a xlsx file one by one so i can show a status bar, the problem is, i did it with a for loop and while loop sending a request via ajax, but when is on the 40th element it stops and the console shows POST (site.php) net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE, i tried to do it in the localhost and it works perfect, but when a i try to do it on my external server(godaddy) it shows the error. here is the code.

for(j=1;j<=tama;j++){ $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "ejphp.php", dataType: "json", data: {vals: regs, j:j}, success: function(datos){ console.log(j) prog=datos['progreso_r']; var id_vac=datos['id_vac'] var tipo=datos['tipo'] var tipo2=datos['tipo2'] var tot_ing=datos['tot_ing'] prog_p=Math.round(prog*100/tama); $("#progressbar").val(prog_p); $("#progreso").text(prog_p+'%'); $("#datos_vac").text('Id Vacuno: '+id_vac); if(prog_p==100){ $("#aceptar").show("slow"); } if(tipo=='error') registro(tipo2, id_vac) subir(parseInt(prog)+1); return false; } }) }


Maybe your server can't pass more than 40 requests, try to increase php memory limit and execution time. And try to browse in godaddy's admin panel.


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