Xcode says I have 4.2 installed, but only 4.1 opens


I'm confused about this. When I go on the market or try to download 4.2 to get ios5 it says that it is Installed. I check my Xcode in the about section and it says it is running 4.1. I tried this Install Xcode that is in my applications folder assuming maybe it was for the update and it still shows 4.1. How do I update my xcode?


In your Applications folder, there is an app called <strong>Install Xcode</strong>. Run that to actually install Xcode4.2 after the App Store finishes downloading the upgrade. Weird, unexpected process, I know.


I had the same problem. After reading the answers here I looked for the "Install Xcode.app" file in the /Application directory and it wasn't there. It turns out that I had moved the "Install Xcode.app" bundle out of /Applications after I installed Xcode 4.1 (I didn't think it would be used again). I used Spotlight to remind me where I had moved it to and I ran it again and it updated the files. Now Xcode reports it is at version 4.2 like I expected. This is not at all like any other Apple installs. I wonder why they did it this way.


The App Store doesn't upgrade Xcode 4.1 to Xcode 4.2 for you like it does for all other apps. Instead, it just downloads an installer/upgrader which gets placed in your Applications folder, and proceeds to not tell you anything about it, hoping you can read its mind. To upgrade, you have to do this:

<ol><li>Download the update via App Store.</li> <li>Manually upgrade by running: /Applications/Install Xcode</li> </ol><hr />

Another way to do an upgrade will be to manually remove Xcode 4.x first:

<ol><li>Delete Xcode: $ sudo rm -r /Developer (takes about 20 minutes to finish)</li> <li>Delete any "Install Xcode" files from your Applications folder.</li> <li>Download Xcode 4.2 from the App Store.</li> <li>When finished, install it: <strong>Applications ---> Install Xcode</strong></li> <li>Re-download all Xcode Documents and Components: <strong>Xcode ---> Preferences ---> Downloads</strong></li> </ol>

That's the most extreme way of doing things. If you added anything to your /Developer folder, you should back it up before running the rm -r command, as that will delete EVERYTHING in it.

Your Xcode preferences will remain in-tact, as they're stored in ~/Library/Application Support/Xcode/ and ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.dt.Xcode......plist


follow the instructions given in <a href="http://simplecodebits.blogspot.com/2011/10/update-to-xcode-42-in-mac-osx-lion.html" rel="nofollow">http://simplecodebits.blogspot.com/2011/10/update-to-xcode-42-in-mac-osx-lion.html</a>


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