Inserting at arbitrary position in list in Scheme


I have a list with me, for example: (B D F)

I want to insert an element at an arbitrary position in the list. For example, if the element is A, I want to insert it before B and if the element C, I want to insert it after B but before D.

Is there any way to insert elements at an arbitrary position in a list in Scheme?


It's easy to implement a function for this:

(define (insert-at new k lst) (cond ((null? lst) (list new)) ((zero? k) (cons new lst)) (else (cons (car lst) (insert-at new (sub1 k) (cdr lst))))))

For example:

(insert-at 'B 1 '(A)) => '(A B) (insert-at 'A 0 '(B D F)) => '(A B D F) (insert-at 'C 2 '(A B D F)) => '(A B C D F)


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