Cakephp: Load components in components


in app_controller.php load Session, Auth components.

And in posts_controller.php, i use CustomComponent with $components = array('Session','Auth');

Then do CustomComponent must reload Session, Auth components?

if i use and create much components and that components use other components .It will make app is very slow?

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I asked in cakephp IRC, A person answer is not:


[11:05] it will not be slow, I believe it passes those around via reference

[11:05] so you have nothing to worry about



Lets say you want to import AComponent into BComponent.


class AComponent extends Component { public $components = array('BComponent'); public function xyz(){ $test = $this->BComponent->abc($name); echo $test; } }


class BComponent extends Component { public function abc($name){ return "My name is: ". $name; } }


yes, it would need to be $components = array('Session','Auth','Custom'); Or you can use: App::import('Component', 'Custom');$Custom = new CustomComponent();

Then do CustomComponent must reload Session, Auth components? If you don't use Session or Auth inside your CustomComponent class, then no.

It will make app is very slow? No, unless you use a lot of components.


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