How can I tell Gitlab to mirror my Github repositories over the API?


I have seen that the Gitlab WebUI allows to set-up mirroring for repositories from e.g. Github (under MyCoolRepository --> Settings --> Repository --> Mirroring repositories).

I have seen that this is possible over the API, too: <a href="https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/api/projects.html#start-the-pull-mirroring-process-for-a-project" rel="nofollow">https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/api/projects.html#start-the-pull-mirroring-process-for-a-project</a>

Does anyone know how this works and which parameters the API needs for id?

I wanted to automate this process in a script because I do not want to set-up the automatic mirroring for each repository in Gitlab by hand...


As the docs specify, you just need to use the project ID, which you can see on:


MyCoolRepository --> Settings --> General


Or use the <a href="https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/api/README.html#namespaced-path-encoding" rel="nofollow">URL-encoded-path</a>

As far as the docs say, there is no way to set up this miroring configuration.


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