Facebook Messenger API: Send Structured Message


When following <a href="https://developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger-platform/quickstart" rel="nofollow">this example</a>.

messageData = { "attachment": { "type": "template", "payload": { "template_type": "generic", "elements": [{ "title": "First card", "subtitle": "Element #1 of an hscroll", "image_url": "http://messengerdemo.parseapp.com/img/rift.png", "buttons": [{ "type": "web_url", "url": "https://www.messenger.com/", "title": "Web url" }, { "type": "postback", "title": "Postback", "payload": "Payload for first element in a generic bubble", }], },{ "title": "Second card", "subtitle": "Element #2 of an hscroll", "image_url": "http://messengerdemo.parseapp.com/img/gearvr.png", "buttons": [{ "type": "postback", "title": "Postback", "payload": "Payload for second element in a generic bubble", }], }] } }

I receive an error of:


\"error\":{\"message\":\"(#100) Incomplete element data: title and at least one other field (image url, subtitle or buttons) is required with non-empty value\",\"type\":\"OAuthException\",\"code\":100,\"fbtrace_id\":\"ElbXaF25+0G\"}


Am I missing something? Looks to me that all the relevant fields are present.


Figured it out, writing this in ruby and I needed to call to_json on the hash before sending it.


Yes, Before sending need to convert to json format Either it is a structured message Or text message.


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