Store value in pointer var


How to store int values in *pData and display values from it?

int id = 12; int age = 14; unsigned char* pData = new unsigned char[8]; memcpy(pData,&id,4);/* using memcpy to copy */ pData = pData + 4; memcpy(pData,&age,4);/* using memcpy to copy */ // How to print value from buffer *pData


After using memcpy to copy the bytes of an int into an unsigned char buffer, the only correct way to display the ints is to copy the bytes back into an int. For example:

int temp_int; memcpy(&temp_int, pData, sizeof temp_int); std::cout << temp_int << '\n'; memcpy(&temp_int, pData + sizeof temp_int, sizeof temp_int); std::cout << temp_int << '\n';

Attempting to reinterpret the buffer as an int would cause undefined behaviour by violating the strict aliasing rule.


you can change pData into int *, then you can print the int valve.

<hr />cout<<*((int *)pData);



This line copies the four bytes data in id to pData as int but you declared it as char * . if you declare it as int *pData = new int[2]; then you can ptint exact values.

using namespace std; int id = 12; int age = 14; unsigned int* pData = new unsigned int[2]; memcpy(pData,&id,4); pData = pData + 1; memcpy(pData,&age,4); pData = pData - 1; cout<<"ID:"<<pData[0]<<"\nAge:"<<pData[1]<<endl;

This will print the values.


If you really need to allocate memory as unsigned char*, you can do it like below:

#include <iostream> #include <cstring> using namespace std; int main() { int id = 12; int age = 14; // const pointer to buffer which can contain 2 ints unsigned char* const pData = new unsigned char[2*sizeof(int)]; // non-const pointer to operate on data unsigned char* pDataPtr = pData; memcpy(pDataPtr,&id,sizeof(int)); pDataPtr += sizeof(int); memcpy(pDataPtr,&age,sizeof(int)); std::cout<<*reinterpret_cast<int*>(pData)<<std::endl; std::cout<<*reinterpret_cast<int*>(pData + sizeof(int))<<std::endl; delete [] pData; return 0; }


You can print pData using reinterpret_cast operator :

#include <iostream> #include <cstring> int main(void) { int id = 12; int age = 14; const size_t size = sizeof(int); unsigned char* pData = new unsigned char[2*size]; memcpy(pData,&id,size);/* using memcpy to copy */ pData = pData + size; memcpy(pData,&age,size);/* using memcpy to copy */ std::cout<<*reinterpret_cast<int*>(pData)<<std::endl; pData = pData - size; std::cout<<*reinterpret_cast<int*>(pData)<<std::endl; delete []pData; return 0; }


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