Read eax register


I would like to know if it is possible to read the eax register of another process immediately after an assembly instruction has been executed.

In my case I have the following assembly code:

mov byte ptr ss:[EBP-4] call dword ptr ds:[<&MSVCR100.??2@YAPAXI@Z>] add esp, 4

The idea is to get the eax value just after the "call dword ptr ds:[<&MSVCR100.??2@YAPAXI@Z>]" instruction has been executed. Indeed, I have to retrieve the memory address returned by the instanciation of an object created in another process, in my C++ code.

Dunno if I have been clear enough. And please forgive my bad english.


You could debug the process using a hardware breakpoint.

Example using winapi:

DWORD address = 0x12345678; // address of the instruction after the call DebugActiveProcess(pid); // PID of target process CONTEXT ctx = {0}; ctx.ContextFlags = CONTEXT_DEBUG_REGISTERS | CONTEXT_INTEGER; ctx.Dr0 = address; ctx.Dr7 = 0x00000001; SetThreadContext(hThread, &ctx); // hThread with enough permissions DEBUG_EVENT dbgEvent; while (true) { if (WaitForDebugEvent(&dbgEvent, INFINITE) == 0) break; if (dbgEvent.dwDebugEventCode == EXCEPTION_DEBUG_EVENT && dbgEvent.u.Exception.ExceptionRecord.ExceptionCode == EXCEPTION_SINGLE_STEP) { if (dbgEvent.u.Exception.ExceptionRecord.ExceptionAddress == (LPVOID)address) { GetThreadContext(hThread, &ctx); DWORD eax = ctx.Eax; // eax get } } ContinueDebugEvent(dbgEvent.dwProcessId, dbgEvent.dwThreadId, DBG_CONTINUE); }


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