Killing sub process that run inside a thread


I'm using python 3.5.3 with PyQT 5 and I have written GUI with it. This GUI run python code python code with subprocess.run.

In order to leave my GUI active and not frozen during the subprocess operation , i'm running the subprocess in a thread.

In the GUI i have stop button that if the user pressed , I want to terminate the subprocess.

I have no problem to kill the thread by using terminate method of the thread. But that's don't terminate the subprocess.

I've tried to use Popen instead of run but I cant make it to run as subprocess.run does. in addition , I prefer to use the recommended way by Python that's give me also the check_error option

This is how I use subprocess:

class c_run_test_thread(QtCore.QThread): def __init__(self,test_file,log_file): QtCore.QThread.__init__(self) self.test_file = test_file self.log_file = log_file def __del__(self): self.wait() def run(self): # Thread logic try: # Run the test with all prints and exceptions go to global log file self.test_sub_process = subprocess.run(["python", self.test_file],stdout = self.log_file, stderr = self.log_file,check = True) except subprocess.CalledProcessError as error: print("Error : {}".format(error)) # Flush memory to file self.log_file.flush( def stop(self): # Flush memory to file self.log_file.flush()

And I terminate the thread by

# Stop test thread self.thread_run_test.terminate()

To sum things up , I want to kill thread while killing its sub process too.


There may be other simpler ways to this, but what I did was to

<ol><li>Use subprocess.Popen to run a sub process, instead of subprocess.run, since the latter will not return before the process is terminated</li> <li>Check if the process is terminated using Popen.poll</li> <li>Kill the process using Popen.kill</li> </ol>

A sample code would be sth. like the following:

self.test_sub_process = subprocess.Popen(["python", self.test_file], stdout=self.log_file, stderr=self.log_file)

Wait for termination:

print("Return code: {}".format(self.test_sub_process.wait()))

Or if you want to do something while waiting:

while self.test_sub_process.poll() is None: doSomething() print("Return code: {}".format(self.test_sub_process.poll()))

Then in thread_run_test.terminate(), you can kill the process




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