Lazy-load MonacoEditor


I have the following code to load MonacoEditor in index.html of my AngularJS website:

<link rel="stylesheet" data-name="vs/editor/editor.main" href="/monaco-editor/min/vs/editor/editor.main.css" /> <script src="/monaco-editor/min/vs/loader.js"></script> <script src="/monaco-editor/min/vs/editor/editor.main.nls.js"></script> <script src="/monaco-editor/min/vs/editor/editor.main.js"></script> <script> require.config({ paths: { 'vs': '/monaco-editor/min/vs' }}) console.log(monaco) </script>

Running the website displays well monaco, which will be used in a further JavaScript file.

Now, I want to load MonacoEditor by ocLazyLoad:

.state('addin', { abstract: true, template: '<ui-view/>', resolve: { loadAddinCtrl: ['$ocLazyLoad', function ($ocLazyLoad) { return $ocLazyLoad.load({files: [ "/monaco-editor/min/vs/editor/editor.main.css", "/monaco-editor/min/vs/loader.js", "/monaco-editor/min/vs/editor/editor.main.nls.js", "/monaco-editor/min/vs/editor/editor.main.js" ]}).then(function () { require.config({ paths: { 'vs': '/monaco-editor/min/vs' }}) console.log(monaco) }) }] } })

The above code returns ReferenceError: monaco is not defined. Does anyone know why this happens?

Actually, I don't understand well the purpose of require.config, it seems to make the code much less flexible. Does anyone have an alternative to that?


You have loaded the dependencies, yet not loaded Monaco. Try this after your require.config:

require.config({ paths: { 'vs': '/monaco-editor/min/vs' }}) require(['vs/editor/editor.main'], function onMonacoLoaded(){ console.log(monaco); });


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