How to check whether a tuple exists in a Python list?


I am new to Python, and I am trying to check whether a pair [a,b] exists in a list l=[[a,b],[c,d],[d,e]]. I searched many questions, but couldn't find precise solution. Please can someone tell me the right and shortest way of doing it?

when i run :

a=[['1','2'],['1','3']] for i in range(3): for j in range(3): if [i,j] in a: print a


how to achieve this then?


The code does not work because '1' != 1 and, consequently, ['1','2'] != [1,2] If you want it to work, try:

a=[['1','2'],['1','3']] for i in range(3): for j in range(3): if [str(i), str(j)] in a: # Note str print a

(But using in or sets as already mentioned is better)


Here is an example:

>>> [3, 4] in [[2, 1], [3, 4]] True

If you need to do this a lot of times consider using a <strong>set</strong> though, because it has a much faster containment check.


In my interpreter (IPython 0.10, Python 2.7.2+) your code gives the correct output:

In [4]: a=[[1,2],[1,3]] In [5]: for i in range(3): ...: for j in range(3): ...: if [i,j] in a: ...: print a ...: [[1, 2], [1, 3]]

<em>(This should be a comment, but I can't leave them yet.)</em>


Turns out you had strings in the a list. Then you need to convert your ints to str as well:

a=[['1','2'],['1','3']] for i in range(3): for j in range(3): if [str(i), str(j)] in a: print a


This code works fine for me:

>>> a = [[1, 2], [3, 4], [13, 11]] >>> >>> for i in range(10): ... for j in range(10): ... if [i, j] in a: ... print [i, j] ... [1, 2] [3, 4] >>>

I'm not sure what is wrong with your code. For sure you have missing ']' in first line.


Don't forget that [a, b] is not [b, a] in python so you might want to order the 2 values in your tuples if you want to consider [A, B] and [B, A] is the same:

You might also want to use set(your_list) if your list is big and it has redundancy.

In your code example you are compaing integers and strings :

['1', '2'] # this is a 2-list of strings '1' and '2' [1, 2] # this is a 2-list of integers 1 and 2


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