How to make an ad wrapper which displays a message if a user has adblock running?


I have a website with an ad on every page.

I'd like to display a message saying, "Please consider disabling your adblock, it helps us out tremendously." if the user has AdBlock enabled.

Here's my attempt:

<div id="ad-wrapper"> <!-- Ad script here. It works fine. --> </div>

And my CSS:

#ad-wrapper { background-color: #1D1D1D; border: 1px solid #232323; float: right; height: 90px; margin-right: 4px; width: 728px; overflow:hidden; background-image: url('/Public/images/disabled-ad.jpg'); }

When I turn off AdBlock the ad is displayed correctly without issues.

When I turn it on, AdBlock completely makes the #ad-wrapper invisible. I thought it would only remove the ad, leaving my background-image message there for my users to see.

How can I accomplish this behavior?


I assume Ad Block is blocking your wrapper because it contains the word "ad". Try using something like:

<div id="disabled-wrapper"> <!-- Ad script here. It works fine. --> </div>


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