Read a multidimensional post request using Django / Python


I'm sending a post request like this:

photo[1][id] = 1234 photo[1][size] = 4x4 photo[1][quantity] = 2 photo[2][id] = 4567 photo[2][size] = 4x6 photo[2][quantity] = 1 ...

What is the best way to read this data using Django/Python?



You might want to try <a href="https://github.com/bernii/querystring-parser" rel="nofollow">querystring-parser</a>.

For example, if you had the following form being submitted via POST to your view:

<input name="photo['1']['id']" value="1234"> <input name="photo['1']['size']" value="4x4"> <input name="photo['1']['quantity']" value="2"> <input name="photo['2']['id']" value="4567"> <input name="photo['2']['size']" value="4x6"> <input name="photo['2']['quantity']" value="1">

In your view you can parse it like this:

from querystring_parser import parser post_dict = parser.parse(request.POST.urlencode()) print post_dict # {u'csrfmiddlewaretoken': u'<crazy hash goes here>', # u'photo': # {1: {u'id': u'1234', u'size': u'4x4', u'quantity': u'2'}, # 2: {u'id': u'4567', u'size': u'4x6', u'quantity': u'1'} # }

Accessing the first photo's size is as simple as post_dic[1]['size']


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