Illegal inheritance while extending trait with self type


I'm confused by the following code:

trait T1 { type S } trait T2 { self: T1 => case class ClS(s: S) } object O extends T2 { }

It gives out the following error message:


illegal inheritance; tests.O.type does not conform to tests.T2's selftype tests.T2 with tests.T1


What's going wrong? the reason that I extend O with T2 is that I want to reference the class CLS in O, how can I achieve that?


trait T2 has a contract that says: If you inherit from me, you should also inherit from T1.

object O extends T2 with T1

You would then probably get an error that type S is not defined. Which is a good thing since it's used in the definition of CLS


T2 has a self type T1, which means, that every class/object/trait inheriting from T2 has to be if type T1, so in your case

object O extens T1 with T2 { type S = Whatever }

should work.


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