Simple. *call* function in python. How to fix the return?


See this simple code:

$ python >>> from subprocess import * >>> call(['echo','Hi']) Hi 0

My problem looks simple. I don't want this <strong>0</strong> at the end of the call. Every function called by <strong>call</strong> appears with this and this messes up things for conditional tests.

Something like:

if int(call(['function', 'parameter']))>10: print 'yes'

So how can I receive only


in this example?


You want to use Popen with communicate, as described in the docs:

>>> from subprocess import * >>> Popen(['echo', 'Hi'], stdout=PIPE).communicate()[0] 'Hi\n'


The value you are seeing is the return value of the echo process. Because you are in a active interpreter this return value gets printed to the terminal. You can ignore it by assigning it to a dummy variable:

_ = call(['echo','Hi']) <hr />

Just making sure, you do know you can just write print("Hi"), right?


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