retrieve folders names only from a zip file with php?


I'm trying to retrieve folders name from a zip file. I wrote this simple function :

<?php class zipadmin{ private $filename ; private $folder ; public function __construct($filename,$folder){ $this->zip = new ZipArchive; $this->file = $filename ; $this->folder = $folder ; } public function listzip(){ if ($this->zip->open($this->file) == TRUE) { $info = $this->zip->statIndex(0); $output = str_replace('/','',$info['name']); return $output; } } }

Problem that if the zip folder contain other files which is not included inside the folders it return all the files names. I need it to return folders names only and discard any files name.


You can try to check when $info['crc'] equals to zero.

class zipadmin{ private $file; private $folder; private $zip; public function __construct($filename, $folder) { $this->zip = new ZipArchive; $this->file = $filename ; $this->folder = $folder ; } public function listzip() { $res = false; if ($this->zip->open($this->folder . $this->file) == TRUE) { $i = 0; while ($info = $this->zip->statIndex($i)) { if ($info['crc'] == 0 && preg_match('#^[^/]*?/$#', $info['name'])) $res[] = preg_replace('#^([^/]*?)/$#', '$1', $info['name']); $i++; } } return $res; } }

<strong>Usage example:</strong>

$z = new zipadmin('test.zip', './'); // test.zip in my example is in same folder print_r($z->listzip());

<strong>Output</strong> (array of root-directories only):

Array ( [0] => folder1 [1] => folder2 [2] => folder3 [3] => folder4 )

In my test.zip archive I have few files in root directory of archive and 4 directories folder1, folder2, folder3 and folder4with some files and sub-directories inside them. Running method against archive with no folders returns boolean <strong>false</strong>.


<ul><li>Fixed regex pattern to match everything before first slash /.</li> </ul>


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