Code Example for Add DateTime and TimeSpan in EF query


I am looking for a code example of this question.

<a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16781587/using-datetime-addtimespan-with-linq" rel="nofollow">Using DateTime.Add(TimeSpan) with LINQ</a>

I need to add an entire TimeSpan to a DateTime.

I already have tried SqlFunctions.DateAdd("ss", SqlFunctions.DatePart("s", b.duration) but this looks like it is only adding the the seconds part of the TimeSpan.

This is the code I have so far

var queryClash = from b in db.calEvents where (newEvent.startTime <= (SqlFunctions.DateAdd("ss", SqlFunctions.DatePart("ss", b.duration), b.startTime))) && (newEventEndTime >= b.startTime) select b;


As suggested in the comments I used:

DbFunctions.AddMilliseconds(b.startTime, DbFunctions.DiffMilliseconds(b.duration, TimeSpan.Zero)) >= endtime)


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