How to retrieve range of data in firebase


I have user's data which have uuid as their key. I want to send mail to each user, But I don't want to send them mail all together so I want to retrieve range of user.

For example, I have 1000 user's now I want to send mail to range 1-100 user then 101-200 , 201-300 and so on. How can I achieve this? I have seen startAt() and endAt() functions, but my question is I don't know user key at the beginning and at the end. So I won't be able to retrieve range from that way.


To get the first 100 users you'd do a query on:

query = ref.orderByKey().limitToFirst(100)

Then as you process the users, keep track of the last key you've processed:

vast lastSeenKey; query.once("value", function(snapshot) { snapshot.forEach(function(userSnapshot) { lastSeenKey = userSnapshot.key; }); });

And then to load the next 100 users, you make the query start at the last key you've seen:

query = ref.orderByKey().startAt(lastSeenKey).limitToFirst(101)

You'll note that we retrieve one extra item here, since the first user in this query will be the same as the last user in the previous query.


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