Completely disable Django's CSRF protection in SVN Trunk


I've spend a few hours in frustration, trying to disable the CSRF which Django now tries to force on me, to no avail. Had anyone else tried this with more success? I'm fine with anything that works, except for a source patch (but monkeypatches are okay).


Don't do it. But if you must, <a href="http://johnmc.co/llum/disable-csrf-protection-for-django-1-2/#more-198" rel="nofollow">try this</a>.


I haven't actually tried to disable it (never had the need), but I imagine it's just a matter of removing the CSRF middleware(s) from the MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES setting in your settings.py.


Try commenting out the csrf middleware and restarting the server. A lot of the time changes like that wont be loaded until afterward.


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