replacing values in pig latin


I have a dataset in form:

id1, id2, id3

Either of id1,id2 or id3 (or all three.. or any two) can be missing in a record.

Now if id1 is missing I want to replace it with 1

id2 by 3 id3 by 7

How do I do this. Thanks


Use the bincond operator to test if the value is null and then replace it with the desired value. From Programming Pig, <a href="http://ofps.oreilly.com/titles/9781449302641/intro_pig_latin.html" rel="nofollow">Chapter 5</a>:

2 == 2 ? 1 : 4 --returns 1 2 == 3 ? 1 : 4 --returns 4 null == 2 ? 1 : 4 -- returns null 2 == 2 ? 1 : 'fred' -- type error, both values must be of the same type

In your example,

id2 IS NULL ? 3 : id2


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