SQL Consolidating groups of data


I have the following data in a table

col1 col2 col3 276328 | 999999999999 | 664116 927356 | 999999999999 | 664140 927356 | 999999999999 | 664140 927356 | 999999999999 | 664159 927379 | 999999999999 | 664172


create table #table (col1 bigint, col2 bigint, col3 bigint) insert into #table values(276328, 999999999999, 664116) insert into #table values(927356, 999999999999, 664140) insert into #table values(927356, 999999999999, 664140) insert into #table values(927356, 999999999999, 664159) insert into #table values(927379, 999999999999, 664172)

I need to update Col2 to the value in Col3 while grouping col1 and selecting the Min (col1) to apply to that sub group.

276328 and 927379 are on their own group but 927356 is a group that needs to have the lowest col3 number assigned to col2

So, the table above having been updated should look like this:

col1 | col2 | col3 276328 | 664116 | 664116 927356 | 664140 | 664140 927356 | 664140 | 664140 927356 | 664140 | 664159 927379 | 664172 | 664172

I have 2m+ rows to update so it has to be a bulk update not a loop.

How would I write the SQL to update the table?


declare @myTable table (col1 bigint, col2 bigint, col3 bigint) insert @myTable select 276328 , 999999999999 , 664116 union select 927356 , 999999999999 , 664140 union select 927356 , 999999999999 , 664140 union select 927356 , 999999999999 , 664159 union select 927379 , 999999999999 , 664172 update a set a.col2 = b.col3 from @myTable a inner join ( select col1, MIN(col3) col3 from @myTable group by col1 ) b on a.col1 = b.col1 select * from @myTable


update t set col2 = g.mincol3 from tbl t join ( select col1, min(col3) mincol3 from tbl group by col1 ) g on t.col1 = g.col1


If you are using MySQL

UPDATE table1 a INNER JOIN ( SELECT col1, minCol FROM ( SELECT col1, MIN(col3) minCol FROM tableName GROUP BY col1 ) c ) b ON a.col1 = b.col1 SET a.col2 = b.minCol


IF your RDBMS SQLServer2005+

UPDATE x SET x.col2 = x.col3 FROM (SELECT col2, MIN(col3) OVER (PARTITION BY col1) AS col3 FROm #table) x


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